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Release time:2014-08-12

   China has become an important actor in global development with a crucial role in the process of achieving Millennium Development Goals. Since Poverty reduction and development have become essential issues for developing countries, it provides a new channel for strengthening   China-Africa exchange and collaboration to share China’s poverty reduction approaches and experiences. Aimed to facilitate collaboration and communication in poverty reduction development field between China and Africa, and to strengthen China-Africa relationship, IPRCC and UNDP have jointly organized a number of events, workshops and courses on China-Africa poverty reduction and development issues.
The first China-Africa Poverty Reduction and Development Conference was held on 1-3 November 2010 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This event was co-organized by UNDP, IPRCC and the Government of Ethiopia. The conference brought together participants of decision-makers, practitioners, leading academics from across the African Continent, China, international organizations, and public and private sectors. Ms. Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator and Mr. Zheng Wenkai, Deputy Director of LGOP addressed the opening ceremony and made speech. H.E. Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia made a theme speech. The conference aimed to deepen understanding of poverty reduction development approach and experience from China and other emerging economies; to enrich and broaden policy discussions towards compelling poverty alleviation strategies in Africa; to help Africa identify and bring to the table new ideas to explore and formulate new method of poverty reduction; and to facilitate collaboration on important policy issues including south-south cooperation, agriculture, social protection, and public private partnerships.
    From 7 -13 January 2012 in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China, IPRCC and UNDP co-hosted a China-Africa seminar on China’s SEZs and poverty reduction. The seminar was organized by the China Center for Special Economic Zone Research of Shenzhen University, and sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Counterpart Poverty Reduction Office. More than 50 government officials, experts, scholars, representatives from international organizations and entrepreneurs from China and six African countries (including five delegates of vice minister rank or higher) gathered together and had a discussion over the issue of “China’s SEZs and Poverty Reduction”. Mr. Zheng Wenkai, Deputy Director of LGOP, State Minister Hailemeskel Tefera of the Ministry of Urban Development & Construction of Ethiopia, Mr. Zhang Bigong, President of Shenzhen University, Mr. Christophe Bahuet, UNDP China Country Director, and Ms. Liu Jin, Vice Chair of Shenzhen Municipal Science, Industry and Information Commission addressed the opening ceremony. The conference focused on the discussion about the unique approach of SEZs development, in order to deepen the representatives’ understanding of China poverty reduction and development experience. It explored how African countries could draw lessons from China’s experience in boosting the development of SEZs and accelerating economic-social development, sustainable poverty reduction and MDG achieving process. Based on the success of these and other events, it is planned to deepen discussions on specific topics at a China-Africa Forum in late July,
2012 in Tanzania.
A. Objectives
1. Analyze development challenge faced by Africa, and explore mode for advancing development and promoting poverty reduction;
2. Share China’s poverty reduction and development experiences to promote China-Africa exchange and collaboration in the field of  
poverty reduction particularly in the field of agriculture under the new situation.
3. Provide recommendation on strengthening public and private collaboration to promote poverty alleviation in Africa.
B. Theme and ContentsTheme: Agricultural Modernization for Poverty Reduction In the early stages of development, agriculture-led growth is one prominent factor behind China’s large-scale poverty reduction. As an agricultural continent, Africa could explore the relevance of China’s experience on promoting agriculture modernization. Major topics for
discussions include:
1.Overview of Agriculture Development and Poverty Reduction in China and Africa
2. Agriculture Policies and the Policy Development Process
3.The role of Agriculture Infrastructure and Agricultural Technology Research and Extension in Agricultural Modernization
4. The Role of Agro-industry Chain and Organization of Farmers in Promoting Agricultural Modernization
5. The way forward for agriculture development in Africa and how it could benefit from south south cooperation.
C. Organization
Hosts:International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC)President’s Office Planning Commission of Tanzania(POPC)
Organizers:  China-Africa Agriculture Investment Corporation. Ltd.,China Agricultural University
Supporters:  UNDP, WB, DFID
D. Venue and Time28 July, White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
E. Participants120 participants among which: 30 people are Chinese representatives, mainly from domestic relevant ministries and agencies, scholars and Chinese-funded enterprises, 70 people are representatives of African countries including government officials, scholars, entrepreneurs, 10 representatives of international organizations, 10 people from media agencies.