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Release time:2015-08-14

The International Poverty Reduction Centre in China (IPRCC) originally proposed forming the China-DAC Study Group, as a follow up to the workshop it organised with the DAC Network on Poverty Reduction (POVNET) in February 2008 on "Reducing Poverty and Promoting Pro-Poor Growth: China's Experience in Rural Poverty Reduction at Home and Abroad". The Study Group was set up in January 2009 and includes Chinese academics and government officials as well as representatives of several DAC members and observers. The IPRCC and the OECD's Development Co operation Directorate form the joint secretariat for the Study Group.


Honorary Co-Presidents: Wu Zhong (Director-General of IPRCC) and Eckhard Deutscher (DAC Chair)

Co-Chairs: Huang Chengwei (IPRCC) and Richard Carey (OECD)

Director: Li Xiaoyun (China)

Co-Leaders: Li Anshan (China), Li Xiaoyun (China), Jean-Raphael Chaponniere (France) and Robert Haas (Germany) 

Study Group Members:

Jennifer Adams (United States)

Peter Craig-McQuaide (alternate to Maciej Popowski) (European Commission)

Adrian Davis (United Kingdom)

Francois Bontemps (Belgium)

He Wenping (China)

Philip Karp (World Bank)

Naohiro Kitano (Japan)

Mao Xiaojing (China)

Maciej Popowski (European Commission)

Michael Stirnweiss (assisting Robert Haas) (Germany)

Tadashi Suzuki (assisting Naohiro Kitano) (Japan)

Tori Tveit (Norway)

Wang Yantao (China)

Kanni Wignaraja (UNDP)

Yun-Gil Jeong (KOICA)

Beijing-based Co-ordinator: Yan Wang (OECD)

Project Management Team: Wang Xiaolin (IPRCC) and Li Linyi (IPRCC)

DAC Secretariat Co-ordinator: Michael Laird (OECD)